Fees 2020:

Yearly Registration Fee: R 1000

Monthly Fee: R 2200 payable for 12 months from January to December

Please note that we follow a NO-CASH POLICY due to security reasons, therefor all payments must be made via EFT.

Fees are payable in advance (Pay at beginning of the month for that particular month).

Fees Include:

  • All Stationary, mattress covers and cleaning aids
  • One formal outing per year (Entrance & bus fees are included)
  • Educational Programs/Puppet Theaters visiting school

Fees Exclude:

  • Food
  • Extra-Mural Activities

Banking Details:

Bank: Absa

Branch: Quagga Centre

Branch Code:

Account Number: 0040162844

Reference: Child’s name & Surname

Please check our application form page to get the necessary information to register your child